620 på Allt på sjön i Gustavsberg 1-3/9 2017

620 på Allt på sjön i Gustavsberg 1-3/9 2017

Kom och se HABER 620 på Allt på sjön. Detta är varvets minsta trailerbara segelbåt, men uppfyller likväl mycket höga anspråk på komfort, sjövärdighet och segelegenskaper.

Detta bekräftades i det första testet av båten i Practical Boat Owner (No. 609, February 2017) med den talande rubriken: ”Stand up and salute: it’s a trailer-sailer like no other.”

Det sammanfattande omdömet ”PBO verdict” om HABER 620 har följande lydelse:

”By rights, the Haber 620 should sell like hot cakes. She’s more expensive than some offerings of similar size, but that’s inevitable given the way she’s built and fitted out. For example, the laminates are hand-laid and the hull spends four days in the mould before being kept at a temperature no lower than 180 C for 30 days to encourage full curing. Few builders go to such lengths.

Issues of quality aside, the Haber can’t be compared with other boats on a length-for-length basis because she’s so different. I recently tested a more conventional trailer-sailer of similar size that was a fraction of the prize but nowhere as well finished or enjoyable to sail.

It’s hard to think of another boat that offers what the Haber offers. Trail and sail where you like, add a cabin heater and keep going through the winter with your warm conservatory on the water. This might be one of the most fun, versatile and generally likable little boats you’ll ever meet”.

HABER 620 PBO February 2017

I Gustavsberg kommer versionen med dubbla roder och mittplacerad utombordare att visas.

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Välkomna att besöka oss i Gustavsberg – bryggnumret är: B26!